Revamp your audio productions with our radio imaging library

Air Media offers an extensive range of radio imaging effects and production work parts ideal for radio jingle creators. You can download our radio imaging library with news, traffic, weather and sports beds.

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news beds


Download music beds and effects for your Sports show. Sports theme music for radio imaging & production.

Sports Music Beds
weather beds


Try our new range of production elements for podcasts & Social Media. Intros, effects and production beds created for podcasts & Youtube channels.

Podcast Jingles
traffic beds


Are you a producer and require high quality radio imaging sound effects? Start download them all today.

Imaging Effects

Our latest radio production demo

We have compiled our latest radio imaging and music production demo for 2023. News TV theme and radio station imaging.

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Free Imaging Effects
  • 1 Package
  • Over 150 Files
  • Average Price: £0 per Package
  • Instant Download
  • Royalty Free
Imaging Effects Library
  • Over 35 Packages
  • Over 2,000 Files
  • Average Price: £2.22 per Package
  • Instant Download
  • Royalty Free
  • All Imaging Effects
Radio Imaging Library
  • Over 85 Packages
  • Over 4,700 Files
  • Average Price: £1.95 per Package
  • Instant Download
  • Royalty Free
  • All Imaging Effects
  • Every Product
Imaging Library
  • Over 115 Packages
  • Over 5,400 Files
  • Average Price: £1.69 per Package
  • Instant Download
  • Royalty Free
  • All Imaging Effects
  • Every Product
  • USB drive with additional content

Our most popular imaging library on the website

A contemporary imaging solution created just for radio imaging. With news, travel, weather, sports, logos and talk-up ramps, imaging sound effects. This package is perfect for your stations' imaging and production needs.

The Air Media imaging library comes complete with everything you need to create radio jingles. This package includes drones, production beds, imaging sound effects, imaging elements ans so much more.


£200 IImaging Library PRODUCTION LIBRARY
  • News & Traffic Radio Beds
  • Radio BedsTalk up Ramps
  • Radio Weather Beds
  • Sports Production Beds
  • Radio Imaging Effects
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radio imaging library

Radio Imaging Library

If you have bought from us in the past and enjoyed our products, why not take advantage of this great package. You get every product on the website for a special price of only £170. This includes the 85 plus packages Air Media has to offer with over 4,700 imaging elements.

Production Library
imaging library
USB For an extra £30 you can get a USB with all the packages available within the radio imaging library with an additional 30 plus packages including over 700 files
imaging effects

Imaging Effects Library

Or if you simply just want to have all of the radio imaging effects Air Media has to offer in 1 package, why not try this. It includes 35 plus packages with over 2,000 imaging effects for radio and audio production to help you create your own custom imaging.

Effects Library
effects library
radio jingles
news jingles

Get the best news radio jingles for your radio station!

News jingles play a vital role in enhancing the impact of radio news broadcasts by creating a unique and unforgettable identity for your station.

News Radio Jingles
weather jingles

Download the best weather jingles for your radio imaging

Whether you need jingles for rain, sleet, snow, thunder and lightning, or even a sunny forecast, we've got you covered. Weather jingles from Air Media.

Weather Radio Beds
traffic jingles

Affordable traffic radio beds from the name you can trust

When it comes to keeping your listeners informed about the latest traffic updates, our traffic jingles and travel production beds are the perfect solution.

Traffic Radio Jingles


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