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Syndicated Radio Show

Immerse yourself in the iconic music and culture of the 80s and 90s with our premium syndicated radio show. Curated news and headlines from those eras add depth and nostalgia, ensuring an engaging listening experience. Whether you manage an FM or DAB radio station or run an internet radio station, our syndicated radio show is tailored to suit your needs. Available in both MP3 and high-quality WAV formats, seamless integration is guaranteed.

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Listen to our syndicate radio show on Phoenix

Throughout the lockdown in 2021, our syndicated radio show aired consistently, offering listeners a much-needed source of entertainment and connection. Alistair was selected for the prestigious drivetime slot on Phoenix FM in Halifax, ensuring a captivating experience for audiences during their commute home.

syndicated radio show

This is where we produce our syndicate radio show

This is where we produce our syndicated radio shows, but most importantly our voice overs are recorded in our purpose built studio.

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