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Air Media is Your Ultimate Goal for Jingles, Sweepers, & Radio Imaging Packages

Welcome to Air Media, your go-to destination for production music tailored exclusively for radio imaging. Explore our diverse selection of radio beds designed to elevate your broadcasting experience with unmatched quality and creativity.

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Radio Imaging Library
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Imaging Library
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  • All Imaging Effects
  • Every Product
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What is Air Media?

Air Media is a premier radio production company, specialises in crafting imaging packages, including radio DJ jingles and radio beds. Our services encompass creating imaging sound effects for DJs, jingle creators, and podcasts, as well as composing news intro music, traffic, and weather themes. We offer radio talk-over beds, elements, and seasonal sound effects included in our radio imaging packages.

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Instant Download

Files are readily available for instant download from the store, ready for immediate use.


All our content is affordably priced, making it ideal for internet and community radio stations.

Free stuff

Explore our collection of free imaging effects for a preview of what we have to offer.

USB option

Every package we host on the website is available on USB and as an instant download.

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Get on Air with the best production libraries

Explore our imaging elements for a glimpse of what Air Media offers. Plus, seize our special offer! If you've enjoyed our products before, invest just £170 to unlock every item in the library. Over 85 packages and 5,200+ imaging elements and FX for podcast and radio jingle creators.

Invest in our Production Library
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Sound amazing on air with our radio imaging packages

Grab all our radio imaging packages with sweeper FX. Drones and includes over 1600 imaging sound effects for radio production.

Download our Imaging Effects Package
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USB - For an Extra £30 Get a USB with the full radio imaging library, including 700+ files and 30+ additional packages.USB - For an Extra £30
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You can instantly download our radio production beds

Check out our Radio Production Beds, the key to fantastic radio imaging content. Boost your broadcasts with our dynamic productions and versatile music beds. Take your content to the next level with the perfect foundation for exceptional radio experiences.

Explore our Radio Production Beds
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Have you heard our radio production demo?

Discover the perfect radio jingles and intros at our one-stop destination! Elevate your imaging experience with high-quality Yorkshire-speaking voiceovers and exceptional imaging elements, all seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive radio imaging packages.

Get Your Jingle & Intros here
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The Best radio packages for broadcast stations

Create your unique news radio imaging with our downloadable elements for a distinctive sound.

Download awesome radio news beds, traffic jingles, and intros..
weather jingles

Download the best weather jingles for your radio imaging

Enhance your radio station's audio experience! Elevate your sound by downloading our radio weather beds and imaging packages.

Upgrade your radio imaging with weather music beds. Download now!
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Affordable traffic radio beds and jingles from Air Media

Try our radio imaging and traffic music beds. Level up your broadcasts and make your station stand out!

Optimise your radio imaging with our premium traffic music radio beds!
Imaging Packages

Take a look inside the Air Media production studio

This is where we produce our music and radio imaging, but most importantly our voice overs are recorded in our purpose built studio.

JINGLES Take a moment to listen to our latest imaging and production DEMO.JINGLES
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Have you heard our latest radio production demo?

Take a listen to our latest radio imaging demo to experience the sound and witness our contributions to other radio stations. From music compositions to radio productions and imaging, discover the range of our work.

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