Get great sounding radio beds, radio jingles & imaging with the Air Media, ALPHA theme.

Do you have your own radio station? Are you looking for a new sound for your imaging? Then this is the package for you. Get ALPHA on your station and hear the difference this package makes.

news beds

For Radio Jingles

The ALPHA theme is the perfect example of how great radio jingles sound on the air. Try the ALPHA sound on your station.

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weather beds

For Radio Imaging

Get the best sound for your radio imaging with news jingles, traffic radio beds, weather music and sports themes with the ALPHA imaging package.

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traffic beds

For Radio Stations

If you have your own FM, dab or internet radio station then this imaging package is a great asset for your station.

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Get the best imaging sound on your station

The best low cost solution for great sounding radio imaging, Get ALPHA from Air Media.


Radio sonic logos and production music beds

ALPHA is a great sounding theme complete with a modern 4 note sonic logo.

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ALPHA provides the best radio imaging at low cost

A contemporary imaging solution was created just for radio. With news, travel, weather, sports, logos and talk-up ramps, this package is perfect for your stations' imaging and production needs.

The Air Media ALPHA theme comes complete with a 4 note sonic logo throughout the entire theme. Also included in the package is the elements, drones, production beds and sounders for a complete imaging package for your station.


  • News & Traffic radio beds
  • Radio Talk up Ramps
  • Radio Weather Beds
  • Sports Production Bed
  • Instant Download
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Radio imaging beds, news jingles, traffic & weather beds

This includes news, traffic, weather & sports production music.& pads.

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